Tupac Amaru Shakur




Tupac Life History

September 1968 Tupac's mother, Afeni Shakur, joins the New York Black Panther party at age 22.
April 1969 Afeni is arrested and charged with conspiracy to bomb several public areas in New York City. While out on bail, Afeni courts two men: Legs, a local hood, and Billy, a member of the party.
February 1971 Afeni, pregnant with Tupac, has her bail revoked; she's sent to the Women's House of Detention in Greenwich Village.
June 16, 1971 Shortly after his mom is acquitted on bombing charges, Tupac Amaru Shakur is born in New York. Tupac Amaru are Inca words meaning "shining serpent." Shakur is Arabic for "thankful to God."
1975-1983 Tupac's family shuttles between the Bronx and Harlem, at times living in shelters.
1983 Legs comes to live with the Shakur family; Tupac "claims" him as his father. Legs introduces Afeni to crack.
September 1983 Afeni enrolls 12- year-old Tupac in the 127th  Street Ensemble, a Harlem theater group. In his first performance Tupac plays Travis in A Raisin in the Sun.
June 1986 Shakur's family moves to Baltimore. As MC New York, Tupac writes his first rap.
September 1986 Tupac enrolls at the Baltimore School for the Arts, where he studies ballet and acting.
June 1988 Tupac and his family move to Marin City, California. "leaving that school affected me so much," he said later. "I see that as the point where I got off track." Shortly after, Tupac moves in with a neighbor and begins selling drugs.
August 1988 Mutulu Shakur, Tupac's stepfather, is sentenced to sixty years in prison for his involvement in a 1981 armored-car-robbery.
1990 Tupac joins Digital Underground as a roadie/dancer/rapper. While on tour, he learns that his mother is using crack.
January 3, 1991 Tupac makes his recording debut on the DU's This Is an E.P. Release.
November 12,1991: 2Pacalypse Now is released. Shortly thereafter, Tupac files a $10 million lawsuit against the Oakland police for alleged brutality following an arrest for jaywalking.
January 17, 1992 Tupac makes his big-screen debut in Ernest Dickerson's Juice, earning praise for his portrayal of Bishop. He is perhaps best remember for the line "I  am crazy. And I don't give a fuck!"
April 11, 1992 Ronald Ray Howard, 19, shoots a Texas trooper. Howard's attorney claims 2Pacalypse Now, which was in his client's tape deck, incited him to kill.
August 22, 1992 Tupac has an altercation with old acquaintances in Marin City. A 6 year-old bystander is shot in the head. Tupac's half brother, Maurice Harding, is arrested buy released due to lack of evidence.
September 22, 1992 Tupac is denounced by Vice President Day Quayle, who says 2Pacalypse Now :has no place in our society."
February 1, 1993 Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z. is released and eventually goes platinum.
March 13, 1993 Tupac has a fight with a limo driver in Hollywood who accuses him of using drugs in the car. Tupac's arrested, but the charges are dropped.
April 5, 1993 Tupac is arrested in Lansing, Michigan, for taking a swing at a local rapper with a baseball bat during a concert. He's sentenced to ten days in jail.
July 23, 1993 John Singleston's Poetic Justice, starring Tupac and Janet Jackson, is released. Before filing began, Jackson demanded Shakur take an HIV test before she would do any kissing scenes.
October 31, 1993 Tupac is arrested for allegedly shooting two off-duty Atlanta Police officers who he says were harassing a black motorist. Charges are eventually dropped.
November 18, 1993 A 19 year-old women, whom Tupac picked up four days earlier in a New York nightclub, is allegedly sodomized and sexually abused by the rapper and three friends.
December 1993 John Singleton is forced by Columbia Pictures to drop the rapper from the cast of his upcoming film, Higher Learning.


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